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We believe that Kombucha continues to be brewed to this day because of it’s healthy and refreshing qualities, and that’s why our process is based on traditional methods and ingredients. It's made in an effort to guarantee the same benefits that humans have enjoyed for thousands of years – in every bottle of Element Kombucha.


We brew each flavor to strict parameters to bring out benefits of the plants as well as best flavor possible. Element Kombucha is brewed with only the best teas sourced directly from small tea farms. 

Refreshing Kombucha Flavours - Element Kombucha - San Antonio, TX




KEVIN & TIMA founders - Element Kombucha - San Antonio, TX


By the time Kevin and Tima met, they’d each discovered the refreshing benefits of Kombucha on their own. Each was brewing his own homemade batches to share with friends and family. Combining their knowledge and passion to brew purely traditional Kombucha was only natural and through that, Element Kombucha was born! ⚡️🙌🏻


Tima founder - Element Kombucha - San Antonio, TX

Tima grew up in a tiny isolated village in Russia’s Kamchatka peninsula where Kombucha is known as Chaniy Grib – Mushroom Tea. He was about 3 or 4 years old when he had his first sip and was making his own by the age of 6. Some of his fondest childhood memories are of him waiting impatiently for the brew to be ready.⠀⠀
During his college years Tima made it to NYC through a student exchange program. One day, he went to a natural grocery story and came across a drink named “Kombucha.” Curiosity struck, and he bought a bottle and was blown away when he realized that Kombucha was actually Chaniy Grib! ⠀⠀
He was thrilled to have re-discovered a drink he had such a love for and immediately became an ambassador, constantly talking to people about the many benefits, like the properties for building a healthy digestive system.⠀⠀
As soon as he moved to San Antonio he met Kevin and immediately realized that he was just as excited about brewing, and sharing this natural elixir.⠀⠀
Kombucha is all about things coming together, and that includes people. Tima and Kevin developed a strong bond over their enthusiastic purist devotion to Kombucha, and through that began building the foundation of what is now Element Kombucha. 

Kevin’s Kombucha founder - Element Kombucha - San Antonio, TX