At the core of our philosophy lies the belief in harnessing the extraordinary power of plants.

Rooted in the heart of Texas, our mission remains as pure as the exquisite small batches of tea we meticulously create.

United in purpose, we have embarked on a journey to craft 100% RAW kombucha, showcasing premium teas and herbs. We take pride in our kombucha, which is devoid of fruit juice and artificial flavoring, while never compromising on flavor.

What Our San Antonio Customers Are Saying About Element Kombucha

May be the best kombucha we've ever had! So glad we found you!


You're the very first kombucha I taste that's not pungent. I was so delighted! Tried yall at the farmers market a few weeks ago, and immediately bought 2 flavors of each bottle! 


Soooo gooood!! My allergies are off the charts so I'm going to stock up on your seasonal allergy blend!

Get in Your Element with Element Kombucha

Enjoy the freedom to drink your energizing Element Kombucha anywhere. You can drink it in San Antonio, TX. It's great for lounging by the pool or hiking in the Texas Hill Country. It's also great for camping under the stars or just relaxing. Our kombucha is the perfect companion. Share the love with friends and family. You can do this by shipping our San Antonio-brewed kombucha to their doorstep.

 energizing kombucha drink - Element Kombucha - San Antonio, TX


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Kombucha is about elements coming together.

Long ago, humanity discovered that the earth’s elements can heal and improve our health.

Throughout our existence, we have studied and worked with herbs and minerals to create food that strengthen our survival. Kombucha is one of these discoveries. And as with many age-old cures, the true origin is unknown.

What is known is that for over two thousand years, people in Asia have been consuming Kombucha for it’s digestive and immune system-boosting benefits. Kombucha contains b-vitamins, enzymes, probiotics and pre-biotics which bring lots of nourishment to your body, which is why we believe in it so much and are so eager to share its powerful qualities with all of you.


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